WandaVision’s Long Popularity Streak Is Finally Winding Down

The Disney Plus series WandaVision is finally winding down from its reign as a top spot in terms of popular shows after an incredible run of 36 weeks holding a top ten position since its launch in January, according to The Direct. Coinciding with Loki‘s drop off from the top-ten spot, it represents a Marvel Studios show being fully absent from the list since January.

The statistic comes from an analysis of Parrot Analytics’ ranking of the most in-demand digital original series in the U.S. with WandaVision representing, by far, the most successful of the Marvel Disney Plus series so far.

The mind-bending sitcom made its final appearance on the chart at number nine on the week of September 18 to 24. It’s an impressive feat for the show, which has also recently racked up a number of Emmy Award nominations, and towers over fellow series Loki and Falcon and Winter Soldier by comparison.

While Falcon and Winter Soldier dropped off from the top-ten spot in July, after premiering in March, Loki was only able to sustain its place on the chart for a measly 16 weeks, dropping off around the same time WandaVision.

The animated show What If…? is struggling to chart anywhere on the top ten since its release, surprisingly, despite another Disney Plus animated show, Stars: Visions sitting comfortably within the top-ten spot. In addition, The Mandalorian also continues to occupy high positions for the streaming platform.

What did you think about WandaVision? Do you think Disney Plus should renew it for a second season or just leave well enough alone?


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