We will bring in a contract system for first-class cricketers – Sourav Ganguly


Sourav Ganguly has been into the news lately after becoming the president of the Board of Cricket Control in India. By the looks of it, after Ganguly did vow come forward with first-class cricket, he has been stealing the spotlight from everyone in the country. In addition to this, Ganguly did also come up with a new form of contract system which is going to be formulated for the essential first-class cricketers in the country,

The official statement of bringing forward first-class cricketers’ contract system is the latest update from BCCI. Ganguly also said that the office-bearers are going to ask newly formed subcommittee of finance to curate a new system of contract.

The recent report suggests that around 38 distinctive teams are going to compete with one another in the forthcoming Ranji Trophy. Moreover, the execution of the already devised plans might be extremely complete. In the middle of the topsy-turvy scenario, the boss of BCCI has been incredibly optimistic and also revealed to the country that the work has already begun.

Ganguly is bringing new things to BCCI

Ganguly also said that it has only been around four to five days that he took the charge of the president of BCCI. In the short time of him serving as the president, there was the Diwali festivity break. By the looks of it, it would take around a couple of weeks for assessing everything which is needed.

There will be a significant amount of work which they need to do. Currently, BCCI is paying around 13% of the gross revenue towards the domestics players in the country. The players are getting around ₹25 to ₹30 lakhs based on the matches they are playing.


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