What happened to Roy on Chicago PD?

CHICAGO PD is never short of high drama and criminal Roy certainly added to it.

The story surrounding what happened to him has been revisited in season 9.


Roy appeared on Chicago PD in season 8Credit: NBC

Who is Roy on Chicago PD?

Roy is a criminal who ran a human trafficking ring.

He was first seen in Chicago PD Season 8 Episode 15 with Deputy Superintendent Miller’s son, Darrell Miller.

Roy was the man responsible for Officer Burgess’ kidnapping and the murder of Darrell.

The manhunt for the character drove the season 8 finale, particularly when he crossed paths with an enraged Sergeant Voight.

Voight covered up Roy's killing


Voight covered up Roy’s killingCredit: NBC

What happened to Roy on Chicago PD?

The fate of Roy was sealed by the time season 8 came to a close, but the repercussions of his death have continued into season 9.

After his capture by Voight and Detective Upton, Roy went for Voight’s gun and Upton shot him.

Upton was visibly shaken by the fact that she killed him, but they agreed to keep the death a secret between just the two of them.

Voight burned the body and then dug a hole to bury the rest.

When Burgess asked about Roy in the season 9 premiere, Upton lied and said he got away.

Season 9 has seen Upton struggle with what her and Voight have done.

When is Chicago Fire on TV?

Chicago PD continues weekly on NBC, along with Chicago Med and Chicago Fire.

You can catch it every Wednesday on NBC at 10pm ET/PT.

You can its sister shows Chicago Med at 8pm ET/PT and Chicago Fire at 9pm.

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