What is Ron Howard’s net worth?

RON HOWARD is an Academy-Award winning filmmaker and actor who has been in show business almost his entire life.

Over the years, Howard has amassed a massive amount of wealth.


Ron Howard is an American actor, director, producer, and writerCredit: Getty Images – Getty

What is Ron Howard’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ron Howard is estimated to be worth around $200million.

On top of being a renowned actor and director, Howard is the co-chairman of the film and television production company Imagine Entertainment.

Imagine Entertainment has produced movies such as 8 Mile and Friday Night Lights.

What is Ron Howard’s new book?

Making a name for himself at a young age, Ron Howard has plenty of stories to tell about the biz.

He and brother Clint Howard, also an actor, published a memoir on October 12, 2021, documenting their childhoods in Hollywood.

The memoir, entitled The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family, tells the story of how two young boys in Hollywood kept from falling down the typical child-star hole, and maintained lifelong careers.

Actor Tom Hanks left an editorial review, stating “This extraordinary book is not only a chronicle of Ron’s and Clint’s early careers and their wild adventures, but also a primer on so many topics—how an actor prepares, how to survive as a kid working in Hollywood, and how to be the best parents in the world! THE BOYS will surprise every reader with its humanity.”

The book is currently available in stores and on Kindle.

Ron Howard rose to fame as a child actor


Ron Howard rose to fame as a child actorCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Who are Ron Howard’s famous family members?

Ron Howard is no stranger to the spotlight, growing up in the limelight.

His parents were both actors, as well as his brother and two of his daughters.

Rance Howard, his father, appeared in films such as Cool Hand Luke, Apollo 13, and Independence Day. He won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children’s Program for co-producing 1981’s The Time Crystal.

His mother, Jean Speegle Howard, starred in sitcoms such as Married… With Children and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Clint Howard has over 200 acting credits, starring in many of his brother’s films. In recent years, he is in the business of making custom snow globes.

Two of Howard’s daughters are also in the film world.

Bryce Dallas Howard rose to fame with The Village in 2004, starring in movies such as Spider-Man 3, Twilight: Eclipse, and Terminator Salvation since.

Paige Howard is another actress in the family, taking after her father’s footsteps. She’s known for her guest-starring roles in shows like Medium and 90210.

What are Ron Howard’s film credits?

Known for both his acting and directing, Ron Howard has been credited with over 50 films.

He got his start in the industry as Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show in 1960, playing the role until 1968.

In 1974, Howard was cast as Richie Cunningham in the sitcom Happy Days, where he quickly became a household name.

In 1980, Howard left his post at Happy Days to focus on directing, producing, and writing. Since then, he’s directed over 25 movies.

A list of all of the movies Ron Howard has directed:

  • 1977 Grand Theft Auto
  • 1982 Night Shift
  • 1984 Splash
  • 1985 Cocoon
  • 1986 Gung Ho
  • 1988 Willow
  • 1989 Parenthood
  • 1991 Backdraft
  • 1992 Far and Away
  • 1994 The Paper
  • 1995 Apollo 13
  • 1996 Ransom
  • 1999 EDtv
  • 2000 How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • 2001 A Beautiful Mind
  • 2003 The Missing
  • 2005 Cinderella Man
  • 2006 The Da Vinci Code
  • 2008 Frost/Nixon
  • 2009 Angels & Demons
  • 2011 The Dilemma
  • 2013 Rush
  • 2015 In the Heart of the Sea
  • 2016 Inferno
  • 2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • 2020 Hillbilly Elegy

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