What Is Tom Bergeron Doing Now? Tom Left ‘DWTS’ More Than a Year Ago

Tom took to Twitter in April 2021 to share details about a forthcoming project.

He posted a short scene from The Godfather Part III, in which a disappointed Don Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) makes the following observation: “Just when I thought I was out … they pull me back in.”

The tweet instantly sent Tom’s die-hard fans into a frenzy, with many taking it as a subtle hint to his potential return to DWTS.

“Fingers crossed for Tom’s return so I can watch DWTS again!” tweeted @Steffan76643808.

“Tom Bergeron, I miss you so much. Hope you return to DWTS. Love you!” wrote @CorineDCohen.

Although Tom frequently teases new work projects on social media, he seemingly told several fans that he won’t be returning to DWTS. It seems that he used the Godfather Part III reference in relation to another project.

“Thanks, although I had to leave. They changed the locks,” he responded to an inquisitive fan on Twitter.

By the looks of it, Tom might not resume his role as a DWTS host in the near future, but we’re sure we’ll still be seeing him on our television screens in some capacity for years to come.


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