Who Is Lourdes Leon’s Father?

When Madonna first started dating Carlos Leon, he was a personal trainer and not a regular face on the big screen or television. However, things started to change once he formed a romance with the iconic entertainer. As noted by his IMDb page, he made his acting debut in the television series “Nash Bridges” in 1996 and appear in three episodes. After splitting with Madonna in 1997, soon after she gave birth to their daughter Lourdes Leon, he went on to pursue acting full-time and starred in a number of movies, such as “The Replacement Killers,” “Empire,” “Tio Papi,” to name a few.

Outside of movies, Carlos has also made appearances in many high-profile television shows from “Ugly Betty” to “Law & Order” and has even performed on Broadway in plays such as “Aunt Dan and Lemon” and “The Threepenny Opera.” As of this writing, Carlos’ last acting role was in 2019 when portraying Ranger in “Clinton Road.” In 2008, he won an Angel Film Award at the Monaco International Film Festival for Best Supporting Male Actor for his part in “Tricks of a Woman.”

According to The Focus, Carlos has continued to work in fitness and set up his own studio, Belleon Body, with fellow celebrity personal trainer Jeff Bell in 2017. On a personal level, however, Carlos has gotten re-married and started a family of his own with his second wife. Keep reading to find out more.


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