Who is Survivor contestant and NFL star Danny McCray?

RETIRED Dallas Cowboys safety Danny McCray made his debut on season 41 of Survivor.

The season’s two-day premiere welcoming 18 contestants aired September 22, 2021.


Danny McCray in action playing for the Dallas CowboysCredit: Getty

What was his process on the lead-up to the show?

Before becoming a contestant, McCray binged the first 20 seasons of Survivor after retiring from the NFL in 2015. His discovery and excitement around the show was purely accidental, and McCray stumbled upon the show while he was scrolling through a streaming service.

He randomly selected season 16, and instantly became interested, watching the episodes back-to-back through season 35.

The challenge of the game drew him in and enticed him to become a contestant himself.

How did he prepare to be on the show?

Survivor was supposed to film season 41 in Fiji in 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic caused the producers to cancel filming. McCray used the time to further prepare his body and mind for the pressure and stress it would receive under harsh conditions.

McCray started training with former Dallas Cowboys strength and conditioning coordinator, Mike Woicik in 2019. However when the pandemic hit, Woicik gave McCray a training document instead, that directed him on how to stay in shape.

Surviving on a minimal amount of food was a concern for McCray, who decided to curb his diet to train him mind and body to live off less.

He consumed oatmeal, bananas, pecans and brown sugar for the day and then incorporate his workout program to decide how his mind and body reacted. If he had a negative reaction and was fatigued or angry, he knew he had to continue training, McCray told news outlets.

What team did Danny McCray play for?

McCray graduated from Louisiana State University where he played 52 games as a linebacker and safety. He graduated in 2010 and was picked up by the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent.

He played as a safety for the Cowboys until 2013, when he signed a one-year contract with the Chicago Bears. After one year, he signed with the Cowboys for a one-year contract, but retired in 2015, only one year later.

Over the course of his career, McCray had two interceptions, one forced fumble, and one sack.

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