Who Is The NEW Girl Erin In Syngin’s Life? Photograph Surfaces Online

90 Day Fiance fame Syngin Colchester has been in the limelight these days. It is rumored that the American native is all set to find a new suitor. Syngin, who is married to Tania Maduro, seems to be parting ways. Although the two have not confirmed anything about it.

Tania has always been criticized for her domination towards Syngin. She at hook and corner wants Syngin to prove himself the right man for her. Tania, after tying the knot, once mentioned that Syngin is NOT her soulmate. This literally disheartened the man. Yet he has always been seen trying to cope up with the atrocities that Tania keeps putting his way.

90 Day Fiance

Meanwhile, it would be interesting for the fans to know that there seems to be a new girl named Erin giving some solace to Syngin’s soul. It is visible that the two are happily spending quality time, unlike Tania. So who is the new girl? What has created the speculations of them being together? Know the entire story!

90 Day Fiance: Erin And Syngin Hang Out In Arizona, Know The Updates!

According to Cheatsheet.com, Syngin is seen hanging out with the new girl Erin. Erin’s social media shows several pictures of the two together. On August 16, Erin posted a picture of the two on her Instagram account.

Furthermore, the most recent photo posted of her and Syngin was on August 18. The photo shows her and Syngin biting a paper reading, “I destroyed the one chip challenge.”

Talking about Syngin’s new interest, it appears that Erin loves to go to festivals, her dog, and traveling. On August 22, she posted a picture with her dog at Grand Canyon National Park. It seems that the lady is fun-loving. She writes in her bio, “Life is a bitch, but mine is a movie.” Well! This certainly increases the fans’ curiosity to know more about Erin and what’s cooking between the two.

On the other side, the last post that Syngin posted with his wife was in April 2021. In addition, Tania last posted with her husband in July 2021. It still seems blurry as to what the two are up to. Meanwhile, there are no recent updates about how’s it going between Tania and Syngin. So, fans are a little bit confused about Syngin and his real feelings.

Will Syngin Appear in the 90 Days Spin-Off ‘Single Life’?

Syngin recently posted a picture in a meditation pose with the caption, “Arizona is awesome!!! Sorry, I don’t share my whole life on a social media platform…but I do miss my people so much…” But fans were curious to know where Tania was. What were the two not seen together for so long? In addition, Syngin announced that he would soon be back on screens.

This made people believe that the two might have broken up, and Syngin talked about appearing on ‘Single Life’. But still, it remains uncertain. The speculations might be wrong because the timeline of the show does not match.

He meant to say ‘soon,’ and the nearest in the row is 90 Day Fiance Season 9. So do we consider that Syngin will be a part of season 9, or will it be a Single Life? Who would be his partner if he joined the former show? Let us know in the comment section.


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