Will Anna Shoot Peter? What Will Be His Fate?

General Hospital viewers know that Anna and Valentin have made their way to Nixon Falls. Now that they are there, it looks like they will do everything they have to in order to find Peter. Nina had called Valentin to inform him that she was in danger.

So, the two of them got there, and now Peter better watches his back. Peter has gone on the run again. He set Tan-O on fire and ran away. But will Anna and Valentin be able to find him? Here is everything to know. 

General Hospital: What Will Happen To Peter?

In the recent General Hospital episode, Valentin and Anna went to see Nina in Nixon Falls. When they got there, they started asking Nina questions about everything that had happened. While they were questioning, they came to know that Peter had come to Nixon Falls long ago, but Nina decided to keep quiet about that.

She, of course, had her reasons; but spoilers suggest that Valentin and Anna both will be furious. What they will not understand is why Nina didn’t tell Maxie everything right away? After all, Maxie will be the one person who is in the most danger. 

General Hospital

Soap Opera Spy suggests that Anna will be in shock after all of these revelations, and since she never really liked Nina, she will have a few things to say. Anna will sit Nina down and call her out. However, Anna also knows that she must find Peter before he harms someone else. So, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she will take matters into her own hands. 

General Hospital

In the recent episode, Peter was speaking to someone on the phone, and it looked like he was having some scheduling problems. Anna reached the place just in time and pointed her gun towards Peter. Will Peter be able to escape now? This must not be the case. Anna is a WSB agent, and she knows how to catch a fugitive. Not only that, with everything that Peter has done, Anna knows that the right thing is to bring Peter to justice once and for all.

So, if she has to shoot him, it is for sure that she wouldn’t hesitate. What will happen to Peter next? We will have to wait to know. The upcoming episode of General Hospital will decide Peter’s fate. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. Tvseasonspoilers.com is your one-stop for all the soap-related information. So, stay tuned. 


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