Woman disgusted when flirty texts with gas man quickly turn x-rated

A woman who traded flirty texts with the gas worker who visited her house was appalled when he took it too far with an x-rated comment about her pyjamas.

In the TikTok video uploaded by @frecklesemx, she says the bloke carried out work at her home before leaving his number on a scrap of paper.

Curious, she exchanged a few texts with him but was horrified when he commented that seeing her in her pyjamas had “turned him on”.

The woman posted screengrabs of their conversation, with her first text reading: “Hey, thanks for giving me your number. And thanks for being sweet, x.”


He replied: “No problem, you’re welcome. If you don’t mind me saying but you are gorgeous and I don’t understand how you’re not taken.”

The woman then shows that his van is still outside her house and she comments: “Started off normal … why is he not driving off?”

The woman joked that she was surprised he found her “gorgeous” because she was wearing pyjamas during his visit.

He then really ramps up the sexual undertones and remarks: “Lol well they were turning me on?”

The worker then said he was being “honest” and the woman revealed he was still sat outside in his van.

He then messaged again: “You‘re welcome, well like I said I’m on call this weekend.

“So if you have any problems give a shout and I’ll be the one coming??”

When the woman didn’t reply, he sent another text: “I can come back in as I‘m just sat outside, waiting to finish before moving on to my next job. Rather that texting [each] other??”

The woman said: “He has been waiting outside for an hour now. Help.”

One viewer commented: “I do this work I would never dream of doing this. It‘s totally unprofessional and crosses a line.”

The texts got a bit inappropriate
The texts got a bit inappropriate
(Image: TikTok / frecklesemx)

Another posted: “He made me feel uncomfortable never mind the poor girl.”

“Well this is all kinds of messed up,” said a third user.

The gas man later found the woman on TikTok and admitted he had seemed “creepy” with his text and begged her to take down her video.

She said she intended to take down the video, but changed her mind after learning he had a girlfriend and baby.

“You can’t see his face properly or the company name,” she said in response to someone who was worried the bloke might lose his job.


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