Woman finds ‘disgusting’ note on vehicle calling her a ‘c***’ in Aldi car park

A woman based in Australia was shocked when she found a note on her car after shopping at Aldi – and the contents were “disgusting”.

Writing on Facebook, the Victoria resident explained that the person writing the note must have thought she was breaking lockdown rules due to the dealership stickers on her car.

As of Friday, people living in Victoria no longer have to remain at home, but those in Melbourne do, reports news.com.au.

The mum believes that the note writer thought that she was from the locked-down city and so was flouting the restrictions.

She wrote: “Beside my number plate it has the name of the dealership my car was purchased from, in Melbourne.

“I’m assuming that’s why this lovely note was left on my windscreen this evening in the Aldi car park.

“I cannot believe the insanity and the nastiness right now.”

The awful note accused her of being ‘selfish’

She uploaded a snap of the note which said: “Get back to Melbourne, selfish c***.”

Fellow Facebook users were horrified by the letter and many labelled it “disgusting”.

One commenter said: “That’s shocking. I’m sorry people are so rude.”

“OMG that’s horrible,” replied another. “I’m amazed we aren’t getting the same thing.

“We live here yes but we didn’t buy our car here. There is a lot of craziness at the moment.

“Very un-Australian.”

The note was left while she shopped at Aldi
The note was left while she shopped at Aldi

According to the Herald Sun, it’s not the only time such a mix-up has happened.

A woman was reportedly abused in a Wonthaggi car park due to the Melbourne dealership sticker on her rear view mirror.

She commented: ““Our car has a Melbourne dealership sticker on the rear window, as do most cars.

“Maybe that sticker prompted her vitriolic outburst.”

Senior Sergeant Peter Watson commented: “People shouldn’t assume things because obviously cars can be bought from anywhere.

“We shouldn’t assume just because there’s a sticker on a car, they are from out of town.”

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