Woman Pulls Gun On Chipotle Employee

Philadelphia police are on the hunt for an unidentified woman who was filmed pulling a gun on Chipotle employees in an alleged effort to see her order filled.

The incident reportedly occurred at a Chipotle location in Rhawnhurst, Philadelphia. Police noted that, despite the optics, it was not an attempted robbery, according to reporting from a local publication. According to the primary witness, the woman simply wanted her food.

Surveillance footage of the odd occurrence, which was shared to YouTube by Philadelphia police, shows the woman and a companion stand at the front of a line at the Chipotle restaurant. The woman—dressed in bright pink pants and a simple white tee—wears a mask on her chin, with both her mouth and nose uncovered. The footage is silent, but a report from police allegedly fills in the gaps.

The store’s only visible employee, identified by police as simply “the complainant,” was reportedly “instructed by her manager to close the store to customers” due to a staffing issue. The waiting customers were to be advised to order online so that the location’s threadbare staff could keep up.

When the employee relays this information to the waiting patrons, the woman at the front of the line can be seen in the video rifling through a large black purse and producing a handgun. She holds it casually in one hand, at a sideways angle, as she converses with the employee in the video. According to police, she asked to speak with the restaurant’s manager, before allegedly proclaiming that “if someone doesn’t make her food she will be back and there will be a problem.” In the video, she can be seen placing the gun back in her purse. The employee reportedly hit a concealed security button to alert mall security to the situation.

A co-worker, in an effort to make the woman and her companion leave, reportedly began filling the gun-toting woman’s order. The security footage shows the process proceeding in an eerily commonplace manner, as the woman—gun back in her purse—points to ingredients and instructs the employee on her desired order. The employee also appears to begin preparing her companion’s order.

As she waits at the Chipotle register for her burrito, the woman again produces her gun, as seen in the video. According to police, she stated that “somebody better give me my food,” before taking the prepared order and leaving the scene.

Philadelphia police are requesting any information about the woman. It is advising anyone who recognizes the woman to “not approach” her but instead requested that they dial 911.

The woman and her companion have yet to be identified. The Daily Dot reached out to Philadelphia police.

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*First Published: Sep 23, 2021, 8:23 am CDT

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