Woman put off date thanks to his ‘cringe’ dirty talk that’s a huge red flag

A dating woman had seen a man on 15 occasions but regretted getting to know him so well, as soon he came out with ‘cringe’ dirty talk and she dumped him immediately

TikTok star Eve has given some frank dating advice for her fans

A dating woman was put off a man she was seeing thanks to his ‘cringe’ dirty talk that she thought was a huge red flag.

TikTok star Eve, @eveculling, shared a video with her fans explaining how she is now changing her dating style – and insists that it is ‘crucial’ to have sex on the first date.

She said she met a man and everything seemed fine, until he said something that put her off completely after they had been dating for a few months.

During a passionate exchange, he said he wanted ‘put a baby’ in her, and asked ‘you want me to get you pregnant?’ – and the woman was so shocked that she called things off, and broke up with him the next day.

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Taking to TikTok, Eve said: “OK, I’m going to tell you guys why it is crucially important to have sex on the first date – hear me out.

“So, I recently was seeing this guy, we were taking things slow, we probably had like 10-15 dates before actually having sex.

“Before we had sex, I asked him, I was like, ‘Hey, so what do you like during sex, do you have any like kinks?’ He was like, ‘No, I don’t really have any kinks, nothing crazy.’

“So we go to have sex, at first it was fine… and then he starts to dirty talk.

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“Now I know what you’re thinking, dirty talk is sexy, dirty talk is hot – I agree completely, but this man did not do your typical… he could have said anything other than what he said.”

Eve then reveals that the man said: “You want me to get you pregnant? Yeah, you want me to put a baby in you so everyone knows you’re mine, yeah you want me to get you pregnant?”

She continued: “Now I don’t kink shame, but what the f**k, what the f**k, first time having sex, I asked you about your kinks, you didn’t think you should tell me that? You don’t just spring that on somebody.

“That is the least sexy thing you could possibly say.

“Months of getting to know this guy, getting deep with him, getting personal with him. Out the door.

“Have sex on the first date. You heard it here first. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’re welcome.”

Eve’s clip went viral and she soon had over 25 million views, alongside more than three million lives and 63,000 comments.

One said: “That’s not a kink, that’s a threat.”

While another added: “I’m gonna be honest, I would’ve asked him to stop. I’m not shaming, it’d just be a turn off for me.”

Abd a third wrote: “I am kinda speechless. For most guys, that’s what they are trying to get away from.”

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