Woman reveals 30p shower hack which means she never has to yank gross soggy hair out the drain again

YANKING out soggy hair from your shower drain is just the worst, right?!

Well, you’ll never have to do it again thanks to this clever hack.


This cheap shower hack is perfect for those that hate pulling out wet hair from their drainCredit: @marilyn2685/Tiktok

A woman shared her shower hack to TikTok and people are obsessed.

Posting the hack to her account ‘Marilyn2685’, the woman shows her latest Amazon purchase that will change your life.

And best of all, it’s super cheap.

She said: “Here’s something you didn’t know you needed!”

The video shows the woman sticking down a disposable mesh sticker onto her drain.

It takes a matter of seconds to stick down and is super easy to do.

She then shows her removing the sticker that has caught a pile of wet hair, but thankfully, she doesn’t even need to touch the hair.

Thanks to this clever tool, the woman said: “No more clogged drains.”

The hair catcher mesh stickers can be bought from Amazon, in a pack of 25 for just £7.95, or 50 for £14.46, making them around 30p per sticker.

Clearly her hack has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 5.4million views.

It has 255.5k likes, 1,461 comments and 26.4k shares.

One person said: “I bought these, GAME CHANGER!!!”

Another added: “Oh my I need.”

A third commented: “Omg this is life, buying now omg.”


However, lots of users were divided over the hack, suggesting that it is damaging to the environment.

One user commented: “For girls, it’s literally at least one per day. Too much plastic waste. Using your finger is not that bad if you do it everyday.”

Another said: “If only it wasn’t plastic.”

A third added: “Cool no more clogged drains but instead clogged oceans!”

The clever sticker grabs the hair meaning that you won't need to yank it out from the drain


The clever sticker grabs the hair meaning that you won’t need to yank it out from the drainCredit: @marilyn2685/Tiktok

Meanwhile, you’ve been showering all wrong… and probably not staying in long enough.

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