Woman Reveals She Thought She Was ‘Going To Be Killed’ On Bizarre Taco Date


If you thought any of your first date experiences were bad then think again, because this woman had the most bizarre and ominous experience you could ever imagine. 

Elyse Myers has gone viral after posting a video on her TikTok where she recalls her disastrous date to followers.

Channel 4’s First Dates may seem cringy but none of them have ever reached this level of intensity, as not only did Myers genuinely believe that she was ‘going to be killed’, but her first date featured a ridiculous amount of tacos.

Taco Bell - Taco Bell Fast Food Road Sign, Great Falls, MT, USA (Alamy) Alamy

Myers (@elysemyers), who is now married, met the man on a dating app and was immediately drawn to him following his suggestion of going to get food.

The man, who lived in Dana Point, may just have been preparing for a Mans vs. Food competition, but the 100 tacos (yes, you read that right) didn’t do him any favours in winning the heart of his date. After asking her to drive them both to Taco Bell after he ‘lost’ his keys, it was only downhill from there.

Not only that, but his behaviour upon reaching the drive-thru Taco Bell made for a pretty horrifying and expensive experience for the TikToker. Not only did the man forget his wallet, leaving Myers to front the bill, but while waiting for the 100 tacos, the man even decided to speak about his ex-girlfriend (classic), before directing Myers back to his house.

Myers was certainly right to run straight back out the door, armed with the rest of the tacos and not taco chance by staying at his house any longer, especially after he yelled ‘let’s feast’ while pouring out the tacos onto the table. Oh, and his dad was there too.

The video has since amassed over 12.1 million views, 2.0 million comments and 38,100 likes, with other users flooding to the TikTok in horror of Myers’ experience. One said: ‘I’m crying, I’m laughing so hard. At no point in that story could I have predicted what was coming next. You should sell tickets to this story.’

Plot Twist: He mistook the dating app for UberEats, and was too embarrassed to say anything.

A third commented: ‘I’m so happy you took your tacos with you. You may have been going with the flow in the beginning, but by the end your priorities were good.’

In her ‘Taco Guy Saga’, Myers clarified that she had indeed bought 100 tacos and had not just exaggerated for the video. She noted how the tragic and terrifying date had even set her back around $149 and admitted that she hasn’t been able to go to a Taco Bell since.

The man may even be a serial taco-dater too, as another woman named Jen also claimed to have been on a date where a man bought 100 tacos using her money as well.

Taco man, reveal yourself.


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