Woman shares extensive first date rules from men’s height to who pays the bill

TikTok influencer Brooke Miccio has laid out an extensive list of rules, explaining all the things she will do on a first date and exactly what she expects in return

Brooke knows exactly what she wants out of a first date

An influencer, who claims to be a “seasoned pro at first dates” has shared an extensive list of rules she believes men ought to stick to during first date – and oh, boy, it looks like you men have got a lot of work to do.

Brooke Miccio, who goes by the handle @brookemiccio on TikTok, put together the rules based on her own personal experience of first dates, including certain things she will do, and what she expects from her date.

Taking to TikTok, Brooke shared a clip outlining exactly what she expects, point by point, from when she will arrive on the date to exactly how long it should last.

To start off with, the TikToker vowed to wear heels on every date, just to make sure her match isn’t lying about his height, “because every man on every dating app adds a few inches, which is fine but I am 5’7.”

She added: “It’s just embarrassing if I show up in two-inch heels and we’re the same height. Like you’re lying about something, so just be honest.”

Next up, Brooke said she will always make sure she arrives three to five minutes late, because she wants her date to already be sitting down at the table when she arrives so it’s not awkward, however, she did say she would never turn up “crazy late” or anything like that.

“Don’t pretend like you haven’t looked me up before,” she continued, because who doesn’t love a quick Google search of their prospective date.

“I keep my profiles very ambiguous like you’re going to look me up and have no idea you looked me up. Just say it! I already looked you up and I’d rather you do it too so you know I’m not a serial killer.”

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Brooke has an extensive list of rules



You might not agree with them all



Brooke went on to say that dates should consist of drinks, but no food – just in case things aren’t going too well, so you aren’t stuck eating a meal when you’d really rather be making a swift exit.

“It’s definitely easy to linger, especially if you’re having a good time but max 2.5 hours. Like my social battery runs out and any more than that, I’ll get drunk and it’s messy,” she added.

Next, Brooke offered her personal opinion on who should pay when it comes to a first date – although this is likely to divide opinions.

“I’m going to say it, especially for the first date, if you’re trying to court a woman, the guy has to pay,” she said. “I’m going to offer, obviously, but it’s a test.”

In terms of the finer details, Brooke revealed she absolutely hates holding hands, and would never want her date to do this – especially on a first date – before explaining exactly how a first kiss should go.

“If we are to kiss, this is interesting because I’m not a huge fan of kissing on the first date, but if we vibe, we vibing,” she said.

“Honestly, the most ideal situation would be sitting down somewhere where we go back to someone’s apartment where we casually kiss. But sitting down is better, even if it’s at a bench.”

And, last but least, Brooke expects her date to text her to make sure she gets home safe – and that’s a courtesy we agree that everyone should get on board with.

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