Woman slams misogynistic date who told her females should ‘know their place’

TikTok user Haley ended up in a bitter row with her date, after she called him out for being misogynistic and sexist – telling him it’s not the 1800s anymore

Anyone who has ever been on the dating scene will know that for every great match you meet, you’re almost certain to find a few absolute horrors along the way.

Sadly, one woman knows this only too well, after a first date with a man known only as ‘Trace’ resulted in her being “disrespected the whole time.”

But, while we can all agree it sounds like the absolute date from hell, things went from bad to worse when the man seemingly didn’t even realise his date wasn’t having a good time.

In fact, when TikTok user @haleyhydee told Trace it wasn’t going to work out between the pair of them, he took it very, very badly.

When he asked for a reason why, Haley responded: “You were being super misogynistic and I know you weren’t doing it on purpose but that s***’s not funny or charming anymore and hasn’t been for a long time.”

However, he responded by asking what the term ‘misogynistic’ meant, prompting Haley to suggest he look it up, since he had told her his biggest pet peeve is ‘ignorant people.’

“I would if I cared. You use big words for being a barista,” he replied, which Haley said was a perfect example of the type of behaviour she had been talking about.

The TikToker then wished her date good luck on his third first date, prompting him to say he hoped “the next looks as a good as the pics and has a personality.”

After a rather ridiculous back and forth, the man well and truly showed his true colours by sending a message which read: “Women really should know their role though.”

“You’re a sexist piece of s*** dude. No self respecting woman is ever going to want to be with you, hence why you’re 24, single and can’t get past first dates,” Haley hit back.

“This isn’t the 1800s, women know their worth and know that there are men out there who won’t treat them as a piece of f***ing property. The way you talk is disgusting and you can’t handle rejection, it’s sad.”

Keep fighting the good fight, Haley.


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