Woman spooked after discovering hidden room with ‘never-ending space’ under motel bed

A woman and her grandmother were spooked when they found a secret “room” under their bed in a motel room.

Addison Cassel, from the US, made the surprise discovery while spending a night in a motel in Greybull, Wyoming earlier this week.

She made a video and put it on TikTok, leaving viewers freaked out as they compared the tape to a thriller movie scene.

In the clip, Addison says: “I was on my motel bed and I noticed a cut-out on the floor. Me and my grandma got it open, there were two layers covering it.”

They flip over the carpet and lift up a wooden board, then jimmy open another panel with a pen.

Addison and her grandmother found a weird cut-out shape under their bed and decided to lift it open

“There’s a room under our bed in our room, it’s a one-storey motel,” she says while hovering the empty space with a phone camera torch.

Addison explained in another video that the bed was next to the door and when she tried to look inside the room, she freaked out because she “couldn’t see the end of it”.

She also found no piping or wiring materials inside but just a hollow, dark space.

In the last clip, she shows footage of the hidden room, which can be seen covered in thick layers of cobwebs.

They found two wooden panels underneath the carpet
They found two wooden panels underneath the carpet

Viewers speculated spooky theories and compared it to scenes out of horror movies.

One said: “Reminds me of ‘Vacancy’ the thriller movie where the motel owners travel between rooms in secret killing people.”

Another commented: “You opened it and a clown popped up saying ‘Hi Georgie’.”

“Most definitely the underground railroad,” a third suggested.

Addison said she couldn't see the end of the 'room' under her bed
Addison said she couldn’t see the end of the ‘room’ under her bed

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Addison added: “There were so many spider webs, I don’t know if I will get bitten.”

Many concluded that it was a crawl space, which is left for guests to escape for emergency purposes.

“It’s a crawl space, every hotel has it. I’ve never seen someone put a room over an access door unless it’s recently bought or renovated and they didn’t know it was there,” one wrote.


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