Woman stunned as cat filmed ‘predicting’ earthquake seconds before it hits

A cat is said to have “predicted” the earthquake that rocked Australia moments before it struck the city of Melbourne.

In a video shared on Twitter on Wednesday (September 22), a white moggy called Carol is playing with a vibrating toy fish when she suddenly becomes alert and stops what she is doing.

The feline then stands up and casually walks over to a doorway and sits down.

Her owner says the shaking began just seconds later and shared a photo of a framed picture that crashed down onto the spot where Carol was playing.

In the caption, her owner Brodie Lancaster says: “Not a joke: the earthquake started as I was filming Carol playing with her new floppy fish toy.

The cat suddenly stops playing and looks alert

“You can see her notice something’s happening here before I do.

“I am a dumb woman who thought for a sec this toy was making the floor shake.”

The footage has been watched more than 1,800 times and viewers marvelled at Carol’s heightened senses of perception and how she sensed the tiniest tremors.

One person said: “Went to stand in a doorway! Smart.”

A second viewer commented: “Wow. I was in bed and my whole room started shaking!”

Someone else wrote: “Gorgeous kitty. Smart, too.”

The cat moves to stand in a doorway
The cat moves to stand in a doorway

The 5.8 magnitude earthquake caused buildings to crumble down and dramatic images show the streets filled with rubble and debris as people gather and stare at the destruction in shock.

Geoscience Australia later reported there were actually three earthquakes within an hour, ranging from 3.1 to 5.8 on the Richter scale.

Luckily, there are no reports of serious injuries after the quake struck at around 9 am but some buildings and hospitals have been evacuated over safety fears.

Although there are many anecdotal tales of animals behaving strangely before earthquakes there is still not much scientific research that can back up the claims.

Theories include that animals can detect tiny vibrations, or can smell unusual gas released from the ground before a quake.

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