Woman uses homemade fake tan stain remover using micellar water to clean up carpets

A WOMAN has shared the homemade stain remover they swear by to get rid of fake tan on their carpets and people are calling it a “game-changer”.

Cleaning fan Leanne Lewis filled in others on her discovery online, as she revealed how she uses beauty staple, micellar water, for any fake tan mishaps.


Cleaning fan Lauren Lewis has shared her ‘game-changer’ hack for removing fake tan stains from carpetsCredit: Supplied
She came up with her own homemade stain remover using micellar water and bicarbonate of soda


She came up with her own homemade stain remover using micellar water and bicarbonate of sodaCredit: Cleaning tips and tricks/Facebook

Posting in Facebook group, Cleaning Tips and Tricks, Leanne revealed she covers the fake tan stain in the micellar water, before adding bicarbonate of soda on top and rubbing into the stain.

In her post, she included snaps of the process, with the stain visibly gone after working her magic.

“Absolute genius… fake tan stain gone. I’ll leave it there,” she teased, as she uploaded the hack for fellow fake tan lovers.

She also shared the method she uses in the comments, revealing: “Micellar water first soak onto the carpet, bicarb on top then more micellar water leave 10 mins or so then scrub with hard brush.”

Thousands of people liked her post, with hundreds commenting and sharing it for others to see.

Others had tried and tested it for themselves, with one person giving the homemade stain remover their seal of approval, as they commented: “Life saver.”

Another said: “Game changer. Congratulations… you have won cleaning.”

A third wrote: “Oh, I needed this!”

Those who hadn’t yet given it a go insisted they were keen to, with one mum posting: “I don’t even use the stuff. Bought a small bottle for a present and my toddler found it opened it and chucked it all over my carpet and then me! Actually thought my carpet was ruined so looking forward to giving this a go!”

Another revealed: “Thank u!!!! My cream carpet is ruined after drunk me thinking it would be a great idea to do it will defo be trying this x (sic).”


Speaking to Fabulous, Lauren revealed she came up with the stain remover idea herself, after dealing with tricky fake tan marks on her carpets many a time.

After realising just how well it works, she couldn’t resist sharing the hack with others on social media.

Lauren told us: “I absolutely love cleaning and that [Facebook group] is the best, I had to show my trick.

“It was something I thought to myself, ‘Ooh I wonder if that would work?’

“And I was chuffed it did as [us] girls have been there many times! And [it’s good] for light carpets.”


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