Woman who stripped off and wandered naked through airport picked up by police

Police were called after a woman stripped off and walked around the main concourse at Denver International Airport.

In footage shot by a member of the public that was later obtained by US news network KCNC-TV the woman could be seen going up to strangers and asking them questions such as “How are you doing?” and “Where are you from?”.

Out of respect for the woman’s apparent medical condition, that footage is not being shared to prevent her identification.

Airport security staff chased after the apparently drunk woman, who was carrying what appeared to be a thermos flask or water bottle, but she laughingly ran away from them.

The woman, who had no luggage, appeared to be carrying some kind of a thermos

The cops eventually managed to corner the woman and wrap her in a large blanket.

“Officers … responded and located the female running around the concourse having some type of medical issue,” a report from Denver Police Department stated. “Paramedics were called code 10 (which is the tea for an emergency response).

“The female was transported to University Hospital by ambulance due to an undetermined medical episode.”

The bizarre incident took place during the early hours of Sunday, September 19, outside the terminal’s Gate A-37 just before 5:00 am, according to Denver PD.

Police managed to cover the woman's modesty with a blanket
Police managed to cover the woman’s modesty with a blanket

Denver police and airport authorities have not released any additional information about the woman, and it’s unclear if she will face charges but the incident appears to have been treated as a medical, rather than a criminal issue.

Denver Airport is is the largest airport in America and the second-largest in the world, serving a wide range of domestic and international flights. In 2019 it saw some 69,000,000 pass through its corridors, although the pandemic has made more recent figures lower.

It’s the subject of a number of bizarre conspiracy theories, inspired by its overall design and decoration.

Artwork on its walls has some strange subject matter including a devil jumping out of a suitcase, and there’s also a statue of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death, on the premises.

The fact that it was built by an untraceable corporate called “The New World Airport Commission” leads some to believe that it’s a badly-concealed operation by the “New World Order,” or Illuminati.

There’s also, allegedly, a vast fallout shelter hidden beneath its main concourse. In due course the unexplained Naked Woman of Denver will no doubt find her place among the next generation of airport conspiracy theories.


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