Woman’s house left ‘smelling for days’ but not everyone can spot the problem

TikTok user Tatyana Trachishina had no idea why her house started to smell really bad – until her husband discovered the cause and told her to ‘spot the problem’

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Woman finally finds out what is making her house smell bad

A woman has been left red-faced after confessing a foul smell began to take over her home – but it took days for her to work out what it was.

Tatyana Trachishina, who goes by the name @tik_tat on TikTok, took to the app to reveal it was her husband who first discovered the source of the stench.

“So my house started smelling really bad all of a sudden,” she explained in the clip. “And we couldn’t figure it out for a few days until my husband finally found it and texted me…”

In the video, Tatyana shared a screenshot of the text message her husband sent, which included a photo, along with the message: “Spot the problem.”

Tatyana’s house had a foul smell for several days before her husband worked out the cause



He sent her a picture telling her to ‘spot the problem’



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In the picture you can see an open draw, which appears to be filled with sandwich bags and other likely kitchen items – but can you spot what was causing the unsanitary odour?

“Are those frozen meatballs?!” one shocked follower questioned. Yes, yes they are. Well, as Tatyana pointed out in her response, “they *were* frozen.” You can just imagine the smell.

Fortunately, other TikTok users were quick to comment with their own similar mishaps, and it turns out leaving random foot items in strange places is actually extremely common.

“I found cheese in the pantry and bread in the fridge. There was a mistake made there,” one user commented, while another added: “A pack of frozen chicken that was no longer frozen behind the deep freezer after I cleaned it out.”

A third wrote: “Once my dad’s car started to smell so bad and we couldn’t figure out why… turns out three days earlier he got a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store.”

It just goes to show, we’ve all been there.

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