Woman’s travel hack keeps clothes organised on holiday – but some aren’t impressed

A woman was torn to shreds over the way she organises clothes for holiday.

Her husband uploaded a snap of her suitcase to Reddit, which showed four see-through zipper bags.

To keep track of which garments are needed and when, the pouches were labelled with a different day of the week on them.

The man simply titled the thread: “My wife is so organised she packs zipper bags with her outfits for each day on vacation.”

But Reddit users were very torn over whether the idea was a good one or not.

One user got over 2,900 likes on their comment after they wrote: “I can’t decide if that’s genius or mental.”

The woman’s holiday packing hack divided opinion

Another said: “Kinda makes me think of someone who is like ‘Damnit Dave it’s 11:13 we are supposed to the be at the park entrance right now’ type over organised.”

A third wrote: “There’s a certain genius to the idea of putting in the effort upfront, so you don’t have to spend your holiday thinking about mundane s**t.

“Really take your mind off day to day bullshit and just focus on enjoying yourself.

“But then I think about the type of people who are that committed to it. They DEFINITELY will ask you to stop screwing around and having fun on vacation because there’s vacationing to be done.”

They added: “My significant other has a touch of this.

“She stresses out about missing things because you can’t do and see everything so we never stop doing things and it gets exhausting and she gets mad because I want to sleep in while on holiday.”

Another described the method as “structured fun”.

And another Redditor added: “I love stuff like this as long as it’s not neurotic or a meltdown when plans don’t go exactly right.”

So would you try the hack? Let us know in the comments below.

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