Woody Harrelson ‘punched a man who took unsolicited photos of him’

Actor Woody Harrelson was involved in a late night altercation that led to him punching a man who lunged at him, according to police.

The incident took place at the Watergate Hotel in Washington D.C. Investigators believe the actor acted in self defense when an intoxicated man refused to stop taking pictures of him and his daughter while they were at dinner.

The Metropolitan Police Department told media that Harrelson had approached the man and asked him to delete the multiple photos he had taken. The two then got into a ‘verbal dispute,’ before the unidentified man allegedly lunged towards the actor and attempted to “grab his neck.” Harrelson preemptively punched the man while dodging the blow.

The man is said to have then fled from Harrelson and returned back to his hotel room. Police arrived shortly after to question him and he was arrested. Multiple witnesses on the scene have corroborated Harrelson’s story. Harrelson has not been charged.

The actor and his family have been staying in Washington D.C while Harrelson shoots a new HBO series, The White House Plumbers. The show is based on the Nixon administration’s infamous Watergate scandal and also stars actor Justin Theroux.

The “Cheers” star has three daughters, aged 28, 25, and 15; though it is unconfirmed which daughter he was at dinner with when the altercation occurred. Police say charges are pending for the man involved and plan to release the aggressor’s name when he is officially charged.


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