You Should Stop Smoking Marijuana If This Happens To You

Some people can use marijuana and have a great experience, while others might have a different take on it. For example, if you’ve tried to quit smoking marijuana and feel irritable, experience anxiety, have trouble sleeping, or have a decreased appetite, you might be addicted to it. Being addicted means you feel like you need to smoke and often have a high tolerance, indicating that you need more of the drug to get high (via MedlinePlus). If you get anxious, experience panic attacks, paranoia, hallucinations, or lose touch with reality, you might need to stop. It can worsen your mental health, especially in high doses (via WebMD).

You might experience stimulating or depressant-like effects. For example, if you have trouble concentrating, difficulty with coordination, hyperactivity, increased blood pressure, faster heart rate, you’re experiencing the stimulating or depressant-like effects (via Healthline). Some experience trouble focusing or learning, especially with heavy pot smokers. You may need to cut down or stop entirely if this happens to you (via WebMD). Smoking marijuana can have the same effects on your lungs as smoking cigarettes. For example, your lungs become inflamed, hurt, and you might develop a cough and have trouble breathing, according to WebMD.


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