You’ve been reheating pizza wrong…woman reveals simple hack to get the perfect crunchy crust

LEFTOVER food can be hit and miss, especially pizza.

Some people love tucking into cold pizza the morning after, whilst others would rather bin it.


This simple hack will change how you reheat pizzaCredit: tiktok

But, if you’re someone that likes your leftover pizza hot, you’ve probably spent your whole life blasting it in the microwave, until it’s got a soggy bottom.

If you want your pizza to taste just as good as it did when you first got it, you should steer clear of the microwave.

To get the perfect crunchy crust, a woman has shared her simple hack that will change how you reheat your leftovers.

A ‘New Jersey home cook’ named Tara has shared her hack to her TikTok account, ‘aldentediva’ where she regularly shares food videos, tips and tricks.

Tara suggests the best way to reheat pizza is to actually cook it in a frying pan, with water.

Yes, you read correctly.

Tara added the video with the caption: ‘Don’t knock it till you try it’.

Her technique involves putting a slice of pizza in a frying pan, pouring some water around it and then putting on a lid to steam.

It doesn’t take long and when the pizza is reheated it looks absolutely delicious.

There will be no more soggy bottoms and the cheese will taste just as good as it did fresh with this hack!

Clearly her hack has impressed numerous people as it has racked up 2.5million views.

It has 142.5k likes, 805 comments and has been shared 1,940 times.

One person said: “Confession: I would rather eat it this way than fresh.”

Another added: “I’m constantly amazed by how many things TikTok has taught me I’ve been doing wrong my whole life.”

A third commented: “Only way to do it!”


One person asked: “Does it not get soggy?” to which Tara commented “nope”.

Another person questioned: “What’s the difference between cooking it this way and in the oven?” to which Tara said “Steams the cheese, doesn’t crisp it.”

Steaming the pizza in a pan means it won't get a soggy pizza or too crunchy cheese


Steaming the pizza in a pan means it won’t get a soggy pizza or too crunchy cheeseCredit: tiktok

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