You’ve been spreading your jam all wrong… and the right way saves time AND effort

WHO doesn’t love a crumpet or a slice of toast with loads of butter and jam?!

Well, we’ve just found out that we’ve been spreading our condiments all wrong…


We can’t believe we’ve never seen this simple spreading hack beforeCredit: Getty – Contributor

And we can’t believe how much time we’ve been wasting.

One TikTok user shared her simple hack for spreading condiments to her account ‘stormblackk7’.

Storm revealed that her clever hack was actually something that her dad had taught her and it’s the perfect way to save time and effort.

She said: “My dad taught me this trick!!

“Works with every spread!!” 

With Storm’s hack, instead of getting the butter and spreading it over your choice of carb (in this case, a crumpet), and THEN spreading over the jam, with this method you can spread both at the same time.

The video shows Storm getting a bit of butter and then a bit of jam and easily spreading them together – avoiding doing it in two separate stages. 

This simple hack makes it easier to spread condiments and we will definitely be trying it. 

Clearly Storm’s hack has impressed numerous people as it has racked up over 466,300 views. 

It has 3,894 likes, 184 comments and 33 shares. 

One person said: “I’m trying this right now.”

Another added: “Genius.”

A third commented: “Absolutely incredible…” 


Regardless of this clever hack, many TikTok users were more shocked that Storm had jam on her crumpets…

One person said: “Jam on a crumpet?! Any point you had just went out the window.”

Another added: “That’s illegal.” 

A third commented: “Jam and butter together is disgusting.” 

Why spread butter and jam separately when you can spread them at the same time?


Why spread butter and jam separately when you can spread them at the same time?Credit: TikTok/@stormblackk7

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