Y&R Spoilers For September 21: Mariah Wants Another Baby

The Y&R spoilers for Tuesday, September 21, 2021, pick up with Mariah Copeland’s idea to have another baby, ASAP, this time with Tessa Porter, while Nick Newman and Billy Abbott continue their race to see who can dig up more dirt on Ashland Locke first, and Ashland meets with a man who promises to keep his secrets – for a price.

Y&R Spoilers Highlights

You know how they say you forget the pain of labor and delivery. It’s the only thing that keeps women from having more than one child. Well, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) forgot really quickly. Or maybe she remembers everything. Which is why she misses Bowie so much.

And why she tells Tessa (Cait Fairbanks) her brilliant idea for getting over her recent trauma: Mariah wants to have another baby. She and Tessa will raise this one! And they’ll name it whatever they want! Will Mariah’s obvious next leap be to ask Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) to participate again? After all, that way, her baby will be Bowie’s half-sibling. And Devon seems to be pretty generous with his donations.

Young and the Restless: First Up

Nick (Joshua Morrow) went from warning Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) not to go digging in Ashland’s (Richard Burgi) past and upsetting Victoria (Amelia Heinle) to…insisting that he’s going to dig into Ashland’s past…even if that upsets Victoria. Because…uhm…reasons.

Now Nick is not only on the case, but he’s determined to get there before Billy (Jason Thompson) does. Because Billy’s reasons for sleuthing around aren’t pure. He isn’t just doing this for Victoria’s sake. Like Nick is.

Y&R: Pay Up

Let’s see which of the two crusading knights first catches Ashland meeting his lawyer. Ashland’s lawyer knows all of Ashland’s secrets. And he’s happy to keep them quiet. After all, there’s attorney-client privilege. Oh, and he’d like $3 million, too. As a bonus.

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